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   Impala Magazines 1932-2002

    The Impala

    (school magazine of The Prince of Wales School/Nairobi School)

    Now available on-line and "free"!!

    For nearly 15 years the Old Cambrian Society has been selling copies of the Impala CD to help raise money for it's Trust fund to assist needy students at Nairobi School to continue their education. The history of the production of the CD can be found below, and the OCS will be eternally grateful to Martin Langley (Nicholson 1956-1961) for all the work and effort he put it to scanning copies of Impala magazines that were available at the time, transferring them to the the master CD, and designing the cover artwork

    Now it has been decided to offer the digital copies free of charge to everyone, partly because CD technology is now a thing of the past, and reading the CD is becoming more difficult with modern day PCs and laptops not having a CD player. If you particularly enjoy and make regular use of this "free service", then perhaps you may wish to donate some money towards the

    Old Cambrian Society Educational Trust Fund - Click Here for details

    The digital copies of (nearly) all the Impala magazines ever produced from the 1930's right through to 2002 can be accessed through the links below.

    We now need to update this list with any Impala magazines that are missing, and any that have been produced since 2002. If anyone has access to "missing" editions, please contact Steve Le Feuvre (Webmaster) by e-mail at webmaster@oldcambrians.com

    School Register (Alumni list 1931-1998) - contained in the 2002 Impala
    Please note this is a pdf scan of the original printed version produced by the School Office, and there are a few typing errors.
    When attempting a "Search & Find" please allow for these errors and also character recognition issues.

    Impala 1932 Nov

    Impala 1938 July

    Impala 1938 Dec

    Impala 1939 July

    Impala 1940 Apr

    Impala 1942 Apr

    Impala 1943 Nov

    Impala 1944 Dec

    Impala 1945 Dec

    Impala 1946 Dec

    Impala 1948 July

    Impala 1948 Dec

    Impala 1949 July

    Impala 1949 Dec

    Impala 1950 July

    Impala 1950 Dec

    Impala 1951 July

    Impala 1951 Dec

    Impala 1952 June

    Impala 1952 Dec

    Impala 1953 July

    Impala 1953 Dec

    Impala 1954

    Impala 1955

    Impala 1956

    Impala 1957

    Impala 1958

    Impala 1959

    Impala 1960

    Impala 1961

    Impala 1962

    Impala 1963

    Impala 1964

    Impala 1965

    Impala 1966

    Impala 1967

    Impala 1968

    Impala 1969

    Impala 1970

    Impala 1974

    Impala 1975

    Impala 1976

    Impala 1979

    Impala 1980

    Impala 1981

    Impala 1982

    Impala 1983

    Impala 1984

    Impala 1985

    Impala 1986

    Impala 1987

    Impala 2002



    Below is the original entry on this web page when the Impala CD was available for purchase, and shows the history of its production.

    Impala Magazines - on CD

    Sold Out

    It contains what it says on the label !!

    This is a 'once in a lifetime' opportunity to acquire a CD containing digital copies of (nearly) all the Impala magazines ever produced, from the 1930's right through to the present day.

    Search facility
    The Impala CD has a sophisticated search and find facility ....... put in a name or date, and you come up with all the instances of where your request occurs in any of the Impalas.

    Photo gallery
    The Impala CD contains a gallery of all photos that have appeared in the magazines throughout the years.

    Message from Webmaster:
      I am extremely grateful to Martin Langley (Nicholson 1956-1961) for taking on this project. He single-handedly scanned all the magazines, produced the master CD, did all the graphics work on the CD label, cover and insert, arranged for duplication of the first run of 300 copies, and even hand-delivered the first batch of CDs in time for the annual dinner in London on 28th April 2006 where the first sales of the Impala CD took place...........ten months worth of hard slog and dedication!!
      We are all eternally grateful to Martin for this tremendous effort and for giving us all the opportunity of having our very own copies of all these truly historic Impala magazines.

      Martin, you're a STAR!!

    Webmaster, Steve Le Feuvre (left), receives the first of the Impala CDs from its creator,
    Martin Langley - at the RAF Club, London - 28th April 2006.

  • E-mail of 30th April 2006 from Bryan Norton (Clive 1963-1967):
      Many thanks for a successful and very enjoyable Old Cambrians reunion. Also for the brilliant Impala CD which I have been looking at with nostalgia and happy memories this morning.

  • E-mail of 26th June 2006 from Neville Watson (Scott 1953-1959) :
      A magnificent effort on the part of all involved and a wonderful record of one of yesteryears' most unique times. How I wish all four of my own sons could have experienced what I had at PoW, corporal punishment et al. Many congratulations and many thanks.

  • E-mail of 29th June 2006 from Joe Olliver (New 1945-1946) :
      Many thanks for the CD - an amazing achievement - I spent the evening wallowing in nostalgia.

  • E-mail of 30th June 2006 from Andy Tainsh (Clive 1952-1958) :
      Brilliant work. My thanks to all involved. It is certainly good value for money.

  • E-mail of 30th June 2006 from Graeme Berry (Scott 1957-1959) :
      Impala CD received - I've just spent a couple of hours wallowing in nostalgia!! Many thanks.

  • E-mail of 30th June 2006 from Carl Pallister (Nicholson 1952-1956) :
      Many thanks for the Impala CD which arrived this morning. I have had a quick look at the relevant years and I was surprised at the number of people that I remembered. The CD is a remarkable compilation; my congratulations to all those involved.

  • E-mail of 3rd July 2006 from Rob Ryan (Hawke 1945-1950) :
      CD arrived in good order thanks. I am having great fun. However I find my memory of many events does not accord with what the Impala records. Not sure if it is selective amnesia or dementia.

  • E-mail of 11th July 2006 to Webmaster from Zahir Shamshudin Dharsee (Hawke 1969-1974) :
      I have been reviewing the Impala CD over the last few weeks - the team that put this historical record together has done an excellent job. Reviewing all the various Impala magazines on the CD brings back many memories and the historical information in the magazines helps put many things into perspective. I really admire the determination and enthusiasm of yourself and Martin Langley in putting the CD together. Once again, it is a remarkable and unique compilation - congragulations!! I recommend every Old Cambrian should get a copy for themselves.

  • E-mail of 13th July 2006 from Roger Endersby (Scott 1962-1966) :
      Having a fascinating time going through the Impala disc. It's certainly been a marvellous effort putting this together and a job very well done. My congratulations to all involved.

  • E-mail of 14th July 2006 to Martin Langley from Christopher Collier-Wright (Hawke 1954-1959) :
      On my return to England I found the CD awaiting me, and I have just had a preliminary look through it. Well done - an excellent resource which I shall enjoy looking at from time to time.

  • E-mail of 17th July 2006 to Martin Langley from Brian McIntosh (Rhodes 1953-1959) :
      You have truly done your "Uttermost" in scanning seventy years of Impala Magazines and putting them on a CD: Captain Nick, Burbley, and Jake would have been very proud of you for exemplifying the ideal of our School motto. Thank you so much for your ten months of devoted hard work. You have given your fellow Old Cambrians a marvellous trip down memory lane.

  • E-mail of 22nd July 2006 to Martin Langley from Alastair McCrae (Rhodes 1943-1946) :
      It is absolutely masterly, totally absorbing and dangerously addictive! I cannot thank you enough for what you have achieved.

  • E-mail of 26th July 2006 to Martin Langley from Nigel Butterfield (Hawke 1958-1961) :
      I am very impressed with all the hard work that has gone into this. Makes for great reading.

  • E-mail of 19th Oct 2006 to Martin Langley from Peter Nottidge (Clive/Nicholson 1940-1944) :
      Jambo Martin. Many thanks for the Impala disc which arrived in good shape. Have just sneaked a quick look and a host of memories came flooding back, the most of which brought back to me what a great place the PoW was. My grateful thanks to all of those dedicated people responsible for its production. With kind regards. Peter.

  • E-mail of 30th January 2008 to Webmaster from Tim Ellis (Scott 1960-1964) :
      The CD arrived safely a couple of days ago. What a stupendous effort getting all that material together I have already spent happy hours refreshing old memories. Many thanks to all involved.