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   Old Cambrian Society - Blazer Badge & Metal Pin Lapel Badges

Blazer badge

    For the first time in 40+ years, we now have a stock of the Old Cambrian Society blazer badge.

    Highly attractive and durable (with gold wire) the blazer badge is "a must" for all Old Cambrians.

      • Price = 10.00 (US$20)

      • (including post & packaging)

Metal Pin Lapel badges

Photo of the OCS pin lapel badge
Dimensions - 22mm x 20mm

Photo of the School pin lapel badge (School Blazer badge in gold, with a very dark blue background)
Dimensions - 25mm x 20mm

  • Price = 7.50 (US$15) for the two metal pin lapel badges
    (including post & packaging)

    Special offer!!
    Blazer badge & 2 Metal Pin Lapel badges

    If you order a Blazer badge and the 2 Metal Pin Lapel badges

    Price is: 12.50 (US$25) (including post & packaging)

    If you wish to place an order please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com