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   Where are they now? - Freddy Schwentafsky


Where is Freddy Schwentafsky?

I bumped into Fred Schwentafsky about 15 years ago and I think he lives in Durban.
Andrew Langley (Nicholson 1958-1963)
12th Jan 2004

Last saw the master sportsman in Durban, South Africa in the mid-1970s. Sadly had not made the most of his sporting ability. Met his parents who were always on the touchline at PoW.
Neil Roberts (Clive 1958-1962)
14th Jan 2004

Tim Saben (Scott 1956-1961) would like to track down Freddy.
5th March 2004

Desiree Burch is looking to contact Freddy.
28th Jan 2006

I last saw him in Durban in 1963 whilst on our way to Australia. I would dearly like to contact him again!
Tony Dingwall (Hawke 1958-1962)
5th April 2007

If anyone knows of the whereabouts of Freddy, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com with his contact details