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   Old Cambrian Society (UK Branch) - RAF Club, Piccadilly, London - 21st April 2018

Old Cambrian Society (UK Branch)
Annual Lunch/Reunion
Saturday, 21st April 2018
at the Royal Air Force Club, Piccadilly, London.



The Old Cambrian Society (UK) 2018 Annual Reunion Lunch was held on Saturday 21st April in the opulent surroundings of the Royal Air Force Club, Piccadilly, London.

Numbers were up this year with 68 registered from all around the world. The event was one of the best held in recent years, and there was such a jovial and relaxed atmosphere all afternoon.

Everyone enjoyed meeting up with old school pals and reminiscing about the good times spent during their time at the Prince of Wales School/Nairobi School in Kenya.


Table 1
Standing (L-R): Maurice "Taffy" Slapak (Grigg/Nicholson 1942-8), Derek Breed (Grigg 1952-3), Brian Jeffries (Grigg 1949-53)
Seated (L-R): Jen Jeffries, Alan Murdoch (Rhodes 1945-50), Keith Aikin (Clive 1954-8), Alice Manussis, Sergio Lecchini (Clive 1950-5), Vera Lecchini.


Table 2
Standing (L-R): Brian Eddy (Nicholson 1955-60),Gianfranco Benetti-Longhini (Clive 1952-7), Teresa Benetti-Longhini,
Brian Wood (Scott 1955-8), Anita Wood.

Seated (L-R): Tony Barnes (Clive 1952-8), Rosemary Eddy, Anthony Burton (Rhodes 1955-60),
Peter Sprosson (Rhodes 1954-9), Dee Sprosson.

Table 3
Standing (L-R): John Davis (Grigg 1956-60), Richard "Rick" Tyekiff (Rhodes 1956-61),
Keith McAdam (Nicholson 1958-62), Michael McCulloch (Scott 1955-61).
Seated (L-R): Charles Dokelman (Rhodes 1957-60), Jerry Sirley (Scott 1953-9), Anne Sirley, Ian Roberts (Scott 1956-60),
Alistair "Ally" Mathers (Rhodes 1958-61), Peter Liversidge (Scott 1958-61)


Table 4
Standing (L-R): John Lenton (Hawke 1959-64), Dave Carpenter (Hawke 1960-5), John Gatti (Hawke 1960-5),
Bernard Dokelman (Rhodes 1960-3), Peter Allen (Rhodes 1959-64)

Seated (L-R): George Robinson (Rhodes 1960-3), Graham Tooley (Scott 1959-63), Bea Allen

Table 5
Standing (L-R): Chris Bird (Rhodes 1961-6), David Dokelman (Rhodes 1962-4), Caroline Montgomery, Mike Albrecht (Hawke 1962-7)
Seated (L-R): Sara Bird, John Tilley (Scott 1961-3), Jill Fern, Jim Storrar (Intermediate/Hawke 1961-5), Lynne Storrar


Table 6
Standing (L-R): Nigel Montgomery (Hawke 1963-8), Richard Frost (Nicholson 1964-8), Mike Kosmetos (Scott 1965-8), Paulo Mariotti (Grigg 1967-9),
Seated (L-R): George Zibarras (Fletcher/Grigg 1964-9), Mike Rawlings (Rhodes/Fletcher 1963-7), David Montgomery (Hawke 1964-9),
Izzy Hutchison, Jeff Stuart (Fletcher 1965-6), Clive Corner (Rhodes 1962-7), Elizabeth Frost.


Table 7
Standing (L-R): Martin Erisat (Kirinyaga-Grigg 1987-90), Bev Wood (Nicholson 1967-9), Jonathan Odonde (Grigg-Kirinyaga 1972-8).
Seated (L-R): Kimberley Le Feuvre, Vicki Le Feuvre, Steve Le Feuvre (Clive 1970-5),
Dave Masheder (Clive 1965-70), Mukesh Bhatt (Nicholson-Serengeti 1972-7)

The "paparazzi" are in town!!  L-R: George Zibarras, Mike Rawlings & David Montgomery

L-R: Martin Erisat, Alan Murdoch and Jonathan Odonde

L-R: Steve Le Feuvre and Alan Murdoch


L-R: Brian Wood, Brian Eddy and John Davis

Lunch was served in the Ballroom

Lunch was served in the Ballroom

L-R: Alan Murdoch, Gianfranco Benetti-Longhini and Keith Aikin

L-R: Derek Breed, Jerry Sirley and Brian Jeffries

L-R: Sergio Lecchini, Michael McCulloch and Vera Lecchini

L-R: Brian Jeffries and Jerry Sirley

L-R: John Lenton, Bernard Dokelman and George Robinson

L-R: Anne Sirley, Ian Roberts, John Gatti and Michael McCulloch

L-R: Keith McAdam and Brian Eddy

L-R: David Dokelman, Caroline Montgomery and Mike Albrecht

L-R: Nigel Montgomery, David Montgomery, Richard Frost, and in front George Zibarras,

L-R: Mike Rawlings and Chris Bird