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   Old Cambrian Society (UK Branch) - RAF Club, Piccadilly, London - 29th April 2017

Old Cambrian Society (UK Branch)
Annual Lunch/Reunion
Saturday, 29th April 2017
at the Royal Air Force Club, Piccadilly, London.


The Old Cambrian Society (UK) 2017 Reunion Lunch was held on Saturday 29th April at the Royal Air Force Club, Piccadilly, London.
Numbers were significantly down on recent years with just 55 attending the event, but what we lacked in numbers we certainly made up for in the quality and fun that everyone had.


The Royal Air Force Club really is a great venue, so centrally placed in London, and attractive to Old Cambrians to fly in from around the world, sometimes for there "once in a lifetime" experience of this annual event.


Table 1
Standing (L-R): Derek Breed (Grigg 1952-3), Vera Lecchini, George Coventry (Clive 1953-8)
Seated (L-R): Sergio Lecchini (Clive 1950-5), Alice Manussis, Keith Aikin (Clive 1954-8), Alan Murdoch (Rhodes 1945-50),
Rosemary Murdoch, Maurice “Taffy” Slapak (Grigg Nicholson 1942-8)


Table 2
Standing (L-R): Michael McCulloch (Scott 1955-61), Jerry Sirley (Scott 1953-9), Tom Lori (Grigg 1954-8)
Seated (L-R): Anne Sirley, Nevile Watson (Scott 1953-9), Cecil Johnston (Clive 1952-8,
Anthony Burton (Rhodes 1955-60), Peter Simpson (Scott 1955-8)

Table 3
Standing (L-R): John Tilley (Scott 1961-3), John Davis (Grigg 1956-60), Philip Sherwin (Hawke 1959-63),
Chris Lyle (Clive 1957-62), Henry Dawson (Nicholson 1956-60)
Seated (L-R): Jill Fern, Peter Leith-Smith (Scott/Fletcher 1959-64), John Cosgrove (Scott 1959-63), Paul Leith-Smith (Fletcher 1963-5)


Table 4
Standing (L-R): John Gatti (Hawke 1960-5), Neil Roberts (Clive 1958-62), Dave Carpenter (Hawke 1960-5), John Lenton (Hawke 1959-64)
Seated (L-R): David Walsh (Rhodes/Fletcher 1960-5), Chris Stockwell (Rhodes 1960-3), Bernard Dokelman (Rhodes 1960-3),
Richard Jenkins (Rhodes/Fletcher 1960-5)

Table 5
Standing (L-R): Clive Corner (Rhodes 1962-7), George Zibarras (Fletcher/Grigg 1964-9), David Dokelman (Rhodes 1962-4), Vic Baxter (Grigg 1965-9),
David Montgomery (Hawke 1964-9), Dave Masheder (Clive 1965-70)
Seated (L-R): Izzy Hutchison, Nigel Montgomery (Hawke 1963-8), Ted Meerloo (Nicholson/Scott 1962-7), Jeff Stuart (Fletcher 1965-6),
Mike Kosmetos (Scott 1965-8), Mike Rawlings (Rhodes/Fletcher 1963-7)


Table 6
Standing (L-R): Bev Wood (Nicholson 1967-9), David Kitley (Scott 1967-9), Steve Le Feuvre (Clive 1970-5)
Seated (L-R): Suzanne Le Feuvre, Vicki Le Feuvre, Ross Tooley (Scott 1963-7), Jeannie Tooley, Graham Tooley (Scott 1959-63), Ted Grobicki (Scott 1962-4)


L-R: Cecil Johnston, Anthony Burton & John Davis

L-R: Victor Baxter, Ted Grobicki, Mike Kosmetos, Ted Meerloo & Mike Rawlings.

L-R: Richard Jenkins & John Gatti

L-R: Dave Masheder, Ross Tooley, Jeannie Tooley, Graham Tooley & Philip Sherwin.

L-R: Neville Watson & Alan Murdoch.

In the Churchill Bar for pre-lunch drinks

In the Churchill Bar for pre-lunch drinks

L-R: David Walsh, Philip Sherwin & Chris Stockwell

Lunch was served in the Ballroom

Lunch was served in the Ballroom

L-R: Bev Wood and Mike Kosmetos.

L-R: Alice Manussis, Peter Simpson & Keith Aikin

L-R: Dave Carpenter, David Walsh, Richard Jenkins and Chris Stockwell.

L-R: David Montgomery, John Lenton and John Gatti.

Jerry & Anne Sirley

L-R: Peter Leith-Smith, Michael McCulloch & John Cosgrove.

L-R: John Tilley & Jill Fern

L-R: Chris Lyle & George Coventry.

L-R: Ross Tooley & Mike Rawlings.

L-R: Neville Watson, John Davis and Keith Aikin.

L-R: David Dokelman, Richard Jenkins & John Gatti

L-R: Alan Murdoch & Paul Leith-Smith.

L-R: Ross Tooley, Jeannie Tooley & Clive Corner.