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   Old Cambrian Society (UK Branch) Annual Dinner - RAF Club, Piccadilly, London - 20th April 2012

Auction of a McLellan-Sim

During the evening, an auction took place of a framed original 1950s graphic by Robert Lewis McLellan-Sim kindly donated by Neville Watson (Scott 1953-9) who was given this piece of art by Kelsey, RMSs' daughter. Bidding was brisk with and lively, and eventually Bernard Dokelman (Rhodes 1960-3) was successful with his bid of 300. This money will go to the Old Cambrian Society Educational Trust which is on the verge of being registered now that problems with the Charities Commission have been resolved over the past year.

Auction of a McLellan-Sim
Neville Watson with the item he donated for auction

Auction of a McLellan-Sim
Steve Le Feuvre auctions the McLellan-Sim original

Auction of a McLellan-Sim
The successful bidder, Bernard Dokelman, with Neville Watson and the McLellan-Sim graphic

Photo by Steve Le Feuvre