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   Mini Reunions - Le Feuvre, Ilako & Malik - Nairobi Sept 2011

Mini Reunions - Le Feuvre, Ilako & Malik - Nairobi Sept 2011

Photos & text supplied by Steve Le Feuvre

Mini Reunion -  Le Feuvre, Ilako & Malik - Nairobi Sept 2011
L-R: James Ilako (Clive 1970-5), Steve Le Feuvre (Clive 1970-5), Abed Malik (Clive 1970-5)

Three great friends from Nairobi School finally got back together after nearly 36 years!! All three had entered the school as 'rabble' in January 1970, and were placed in Clive House .... does it get any better than that? James Ilako, Abed Malik and Steve Le Feuvre went through the school doing their O-levels in Nov/Dec 1973 and then their A-levels in Nov/Dec 1975. They were all prefects of Clive House in 1975, with James being 'borrowed' by Junior House for that last year. All performed their favoured sports to the highest level, and they also did fairly well in the classroom as well. James and Abed went on to Nairobi University to study Chemistry, and Steve went to the UK to study Agricultural Economics at London University (Wye College).

Over the years, Steve and James have met up in the UK and USA when James lived and worked in New York, Steve and Abed have met up many times during Steve's trips back to Kenya, and James and Abed have seen each other when James has travelled back home. However, it was not since their last day at school in Dec 1975 that all three 'Clive amigos' had been together until Sept 2011 when Steve was on holiday in Kenya. Over those couple of weeks, there were many opportunities to meet up for meals, drinks, and just general chatting and reminiscing.

During his time in Nairobi, Steve stayed with James and his family, so 'catch-up' time was fantastic. Steve and Abed decided to go off to the Masai Mara, and during their few days at Governors' Camp they were able to spend some quality time reminiscing and 'putting the world to right' under the glorious sun of the wild African plains and around the very welcoming camp fire during the evenings.

Hopefully, it won't be too long before the three 'Clive amigos' can meet up again.

Mini Reunion -  Le Feuvre & Ilako - Nairobi Sept 2011
James and Steve enjoying a Tusker at the River Cafe just off the Limuru Road - 4th Sept 2011

Mini Reunion -  Le Feuvre & Malik - Masai Mara Sept 2011
Abed and Steve in the Masai Mara - 7th Sept 2011