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   Reunion - Perth, W. Australia - 31st Oct 2010

Reunion - Perth, W. Australia - 31st Oct 2010

Photos & text supplied by Mick Parry

Timing is everything – Erik Larsen will vouch for that!! Erik, who joined Scott House back in 1956, lives in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and he booked a holiday to Australia much earlier in 2010. In fact, the date of this year’s Old Cambrians’ lunch was not finalised at that point. But, as luck would have it, Erik and his wife Sue, arrived in Perth just 12 hours before the annual lunch was held at The Cove restaurant.

Erik and Sue traveled the furthest – 22 hours on two aircraft shows some dedication to the cause – but others had made the effort to get to the event. In all, 33 Old Cambrians attended, including Robert Ryan who came from north Queensland while others came from points around the vast state of Western Australia.

The oldest to attend was Old Cambrian stalwart Rory O’Toole who turns 90 in December while the younger generation was represented by Sean Fallon who turned up on behalf of his father Brod who lives in Japan. Sean, who comes from Oregon, USA is working in the mining industry in Western Australia and came along with his wife Diana to learn why his father continually raves about his time at the Prince of Wales School.

While Rory, accompanied by his wife Val, was the elder statesman at the event, another senior Old Cambrian was mentioned at the lunch. Mick and Val Parry reported catching up with former hunter Andrew Holmberg, who went to the Prince of Wales in 1932, and his wife Judy at their home in southern Sweden. At 92, Andrew must be one of the oldest Old Cambrians on the planet, but age has not dimmed his memory of the school or his adventures in the Kenya Regiment. Judy is 95 and equally astute and, like Andrew, full of stories about their years in the safari business.

In all, 53 people attended the Cove lunch and while numbers were a little down on the inaugural meeting in 2009, the enthusiasm of guests for the event and the food had not diminished.

As usual, chief organiser Mike Purves had the restaurant decorated with various regalia, including a reference to Cock House, while Mike Chartres brought along a canvas of the main school building which was painted by art master R. McLennan-Sim half a century ago. Guests showed great interest in the raffle – which included a case of wine by Jenny, wife of the late Brian O’Toole – which raised over $300 for the Nyumbani Appeal in Kenya.

For those reading this report, far and wide, if you’re planning a visit to Australia, next year’s lunch is scheduled for Sunday, October 30, 2011.

Reunion - Perth, W. Australia - 31st Oct 2010
Old coves: The camera captures most of the Old Cambrians who attended the lunch at The Cove in Perth

Reunion - Perth, W. Australia - 31st Oct 2010
Canadian visitors: Erik and Sue Larsen, who came to the lunch from Ontario (Canada),
flank Val Parry at the lunch

Reunion - Perth, W. Australia - 31st Oct 2010
Time frame: Lunch organiser Mike Purves shows off McLennan-Sim’s painting of the
Prince of Wales school to Old Cambrian Rory O’Toole as Val O’Toole looks on

Reunion - Perth, W. Australia - 31st Oct 2010
Tucking in: Old Cambrians occupied two long tables at the lunch.

Reunion - Perth, W. Australia - 31st Oct 2010
Standing in: Sean Fallon and wife Diana attended the lunch on behalf of Old Cambrian
Brod “The Yank” Fallon who now works in Japan.
Sean, from Oregon (USA), is working in the mining industry in Perth.

Reunion - Perth, W. Australia - 31st Oct 2010
Cock House: As usual, Mike Purves went to great lengths with school regalia at the lunch.