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   Mini Reunion - Johannesburg, South Africa - Sunday 11th April 2010

Mini Reunion - Johannesburg, South Africa - Sunday 11th April 2010

Photo & text supplied by Steve Le Feuvre

Mini Reunion - Johannesburg, South Africa - Sunday 11th April 2010
L-R: Phil Le Feuvre (Clive 1967-9), Geoff Simiyu (Grigg 1970-5) and Steve Le Feuvre (Clive 1970-5)

Steve Le Feuvre was visiting his brother Phil and family for Easter in South Africa. At the the end of the trip Steve was able to meet up with one of his old school friends, Geoff Simiyu, and the gathering was at Phil's home in Saxonwold, Johannesburg.

Steve and Geoff had not seen each other since early December 1975, the day they left Nairobi School after A-levels, but they have been in regular contact with each other by e-mail over the past few years. Steve and Geoff shared alot of interests at school, including being in the brass band together for six years. Geoff recalled that it was Steve that taught him how to play the E flat bass, and they gloried in many victories during their time at the school at music festivals, playing at special occassions such as at State House and on speach days at the 'Boma' and at the Convents. They also have fond memories of acting as backing instrumentals for local pop stars (such as Kelly the Bushman and his famous rendition of 'Drift Away'), and performing at the Voice of Kenya studios where their performances were recorded.

Geoff and Steve spent many (happy) hours together in class, and during the couple of hours they were together for this reunion, they recalled many of their teachers and their habits, etc as well as some of the antics that they (and others) got up to as their way of rebelling. Avoiding 'getting caught' misbehaving became a skill and an art form which both Geoff and Steve mastered very successfully ......... they should have awarded colours for that talent!!

Phil and Geoff are both members of the Wanderers Club in Joburg, and plan to arrange a gathering of Old Cambrians there in the not too distant future.