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   Old Cambrian Society (Kenya) Annual Dinner - 28th September 2007

Old Cambrian Society (Kenya)
Annual Dinner

Held on Friday 28th September 2007
at The Impala Club, Nairobi

Report by Steve Le Feuvre. Photos by Steve Le Feuvre, except where credited otherwise

A good attendance of around 100 Old Cambrians and partners turned up for the annual dinner and dance (barbeque-style) at The Impala Club on Ngong Road. Old Cambrians had travelled from far and wide throughout Kenya, and further afield, with Tor Allan (Rhodes 1960-2) making the trip from Arusha, Tanzania and Steve Le Feuvre (Clive 1970-5) who is Secretary of the UK branch of the Old Cambrian Society, flying over from Jersey, UK. However, greatest praise must surely be given to Graham Wallace (Nicholson 1965-70) who made the effort to travel to Kenya all the way from his home in Auckland, New Zealand especially for the dinner. Great stuff, Graham!!

The organisers were principally Sam Odera Agutu (Grigg 1970-5) and Zack Oloo (Grigg 1970-5) and they did a superb job in putting everything together for what was a most enjoyable evening "under canvas". Little touches like the school colour-scheme adorning the marquee, that's what makes the difference, and Sam and Zack did not let us down on that score.

With general introductions from the Chairman of the Old Cambrian Society (Kenya chapter), Dr. Wacira Kariuki, and also from Steve Le Feuvre who brought greetings from his UK members, those present then heard from the Principal of Nairobi School, Robert Masese, who outlined the achievements of the school in the past year. Of course, supremacy in Kenya and East Africa schools' rugby just had to be top of the ladder, but it was good to see that academic achievement is also on the up and the school is gradually heading in the right direction to reassuming its place as the number one school academically in Kenya.

Then we were entertained to a brief word from a representative from each of the various decades represented at the dinner, from the 1950's right through to the present day. Some of us "oldies" were pleased to see that the school spirit is well and truly alive and thriving, and Ernest Nyamasyo representing the 1990's led us in a rendition of the modern-day school anthem, "Patchi Kipenzi". This is used to rouse support for any school event, particularly on the sporting field, and Nairobi School touchline supporters apparently have the reputation of being the best in Kenya!!

It was good to meet up with old friends again, and everyone seemed to have a great time. Come about midnight and a cold wind whipped up from the direction of Ngong Hills, and sent us all scurrying for the inner parts of the marquee to continue consuming our Tusker beer.

A great evening, one which will just have to be repeated again next year, and let's hope that more Old Cambrians will be tempted to make the journey to Nairobi for that occasion.

L-R: David Osiro, George Zibarras & Zack Oloo

L-R: Mrs Odhiambo, Hesbon Odhiambo, Suzanne Le Feuvre, Graham Wallace & Tor Allan

L-R: Zack Oloo, Steve Le Feuvre & Nick Hutchinson (photo by Graham Wallace)

L-R: Tor Allan & Joseph Ogaja Agutu (photo by Graham Wallace)

L-R: ?, George Zibarras & John Rose (photo by Graham Wallace)

Master of Ceremonies for the evening, Zack Oloo

Organisers of the dinner, Zack Oloo and Sam Odera Agutu, in discussion during the evening

Dr. Wacira Kariuki, Chairman of the Old Cambrian Society (Kenya chapter)

Evan Spyropoulos reminisced about the 1950's

George Zibarras spoke on behalf of 1960's Old Cambrians

Mark Gathuri spoke about life at the school in the 1970's

Wainaina talked about the 1980's

Ernest Nyamasyo gave an amusing account of what happened in the 1990's

Albert Obara was entusiastic about the school in the 2000's

Terry Davidson thanks the organisers for a superb evening

Ernest Nyamasyo leads everyone in singing "Patchi Kipenzi" ...... the modern-day school anthem.

Nairobi School Principal, Robert Masese, updates everyone on current achievments of the school