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   Hawke House Mini-Reunion - Winchester, 17th July 2005

Hawke House Mini-Reunion - Winchester, 17th July 2005

Photo & text supplied by Michael Wolff

Image of Hawke House Mini-Reunion - Waterloo, 17th July 2005

L-R: Michael Wolff (Hawke 1953-9), Michael Wisdom (Hawke 1953-7), Christopher Collier-Wright (Hawke 1953-9)

"The gathering of three Hawke House boys at a Kenya Regiment Reunion in Winchester prompts me to tell a true tale without detracting from the wonderful eulogy written about Phillip Fletcher OBE that appears on the web site.

Michael Wisdom and his then friend Martin Konstant (now alive and well in South Africa) were known as "bushmen" at school. In the mid-1950s they were caught in the off-bounds valley below the Hawke/Grigg dining room where the old railway used to run. They had with them an air gun which they managed to hide before the master George Outram caught them and reported them to 'Fletcher'. For this relatively minor transgression they each received 24 strokes of the cane which 'Fletcher' came to administer at Hawke House on three consecutive nights. I maintain that this punishment stands as a record to this day and was considered to be fairly extreme even by the standards set in Tom Brown's Schooldays. Those of us who hid and listened to this beating can vouch for the fact that neither bushman flinched one iota."