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   Mini-Reunion - Christchurch, April 2005

Mini-Reunion - Christchurch, New Zealand - April 2005

Photo & text supplied by John Walsh

Image of Mini-Reunion - Christchurch, April 2005

L-R: John Walsh (Rhodes 1940-1946), John "Mpishi" Cook (Hawke/Nicholson 1941-1945)

Just returned from New Zealand, where we had a mini reunion with John (Pishi) Cook after a separation of 56 years. Oh man, what a lot of talking and catching up! He's on a world jaunt from his home in Australia to visit with his various buddies. Met us in N.Z. for two days, and was then on to Hawaii, Colorado, Toronto and then South Africa after which he was going to hit Kenya to visit Pat Drury, and I think the U.K after that. He was doing all this in a month - made me weary to just hear him tell about it!