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   Visit of Queen Mother to Kenya - 1959

Visit of Queen Mother to Kenya - 1959

Picture, originally appearing in the East African Standard, submitted by Brian McIntosh (Rhodes, 1953-59)

Visit of Queen Mother to Kenya - 1959

There was a rally for school children at Mitchell Park in February 1959 to welcome the Queen Mother who was visiting Kenya. When the Royal Visitor arrived in a black Humber amidst cheering and flag waving, the Heads of School of the Prince of Wales and the Duke of York stepped forward to open the carís doors: Brian McIntosh (P.O.W.) for the Queen Mum, and John Anderson (D.O.Y.) for the Governor. The two school representatives had previously rehearsed their duties at Government House under instruction from Aide-de-Camp, Jock Leslie-Melville.

The VIPs appearing in the photo are, from left to right, the Governor, Sir Evelyn Baring, the Queen Mother, and The Hon. R.S. Alexander (an Old Cambrian), Mayor of Nairobi.

John Davis (Grigg 1956-60) whose father was in charge of the Government House fleet, writes:
I remember the Mitchell Park gathering very well (and the marmalade sandwiches that the Grigg/Hawke cooks always gave us!). The car would have been driven by one of my father's police drivers. It was always referred to as the Humber 'Landaulet'; as the name implies one having a roof which could be opened up and purposely modified with the special rear-door arrangement. It was quite a few years old by then and had been used for the Princess Elizabeth visit in 1952. I can remember having a ride in the car Ė very smooth and quiet. I am pretty sure it was a modified Humber Super Snipe.