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   Main Entrance Gates

Main Entrance Gates + Drive

Photos + text by Antony D. Williamson (June 2002)

Image of Main Entrance Gates

The main entrance gates, made in the school workshops. Does anyone remember making these?

  • Response from Gordon Cree (Nicholson 1966-9):
    One abiding memory is that I, along with Mr. Pullen, made the new gates for the School in the metal work class; I had won the 1st prize for metal work that year 1968/69. The eyes for the Impala's heads, which were central to each gate, were made from old ten cent pieces, the pupil being the hole in the centre - not many people would know that.... wouldn't get away with it these days!

    Image of Main Drive
    The jacaranda trees were spectacular in bloom around November each year. The drive is little changed, other than that the jasmine bushes (which provided convenient cover for Crown Bird/Four Aces enthusiasts) have gone.