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   Headmaster's House - Early 1940s

Headmaster's House - Early 1940s

Photos supplied by Cynthia McCrae (née Astley) and Alastair McCrae (Rhodes 1943-1946)
- originating from the photo albums of Bernard Astley (Headmaster 1937-1945)

Headmaster's House - Early 1940s
Headmaster's House - Early 1940s

    There is some doubt as to exactly when this photo was taken. Cynthia McCrae (née Astley) says that Capt Nicholson (Headmaster 1925-1937) and his wife Evelyn never occupied the house. So it's first occupants were Bernard & Barbara Astley, and Cynthia remembers that it was her mother who planted the trees and hedges near the house after they took up residence at the end of 1937. Barbara Astley (who at the time of writing - 28th Nov 2005 - is still alive and living in the U.K.) was also responsible for planting and nurturing many of the trees and hedges in the School grounds.