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   Grigg/Hawke Dining Room - 2002

Grigg/Hawke Dining Room - 2002

Photos + text by Antony D. Williamson (June 2002)

Image of Grigg/Hawke Dining Room - 2002

This shot provides an interesting comparison to that taken by Chris Harrison when he was Asistant Housemaster in Grigg in the late 1960s (Grigg Dining Room & Grigg Assistant Housemaster's House and garden)
Very few of the Tasmanian Bluegums have survived the years, but the Nandi Flame to the right of the shot is as hardy as ever.
The dining hall was in use as a store for building materials for the restoration of Hawke House when this shot was taken in June 2002.

The photo brings back memories of ' Ma J'....Mrs Jessop, our catering matron, a much-loved character who ruled her domain with an iron fist and a heart of gold

Image of back of Grigg/Hawke Dining Room - 2002
View of the Grigg Hawke Dining Room from the rear. Hawke House is to the right....the timbers for the new roof just visible. The stem of the 'T' was the kitchen area, and the cross the dining room itself.
I think that the smaller building to the left was quarters for the kitchen staff. I seem to recall a Mkamba pishi known to us as 'Snake' living there.

Dear old Ma J would turn in her grave if she saw this!