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   Prince of Wales School Cricket Team - 1936

Prince of Wales School Cricket Team - 1936

Photo & text supplied by Gerald Rosenthal & Heather Rosenthal (née Arderne),
whose father Philip Arderne appears in the photo

Additional names, nicknames & comments supplied by Angus McDonald (Hawke 1934-7)

Prince of Wales School Cricket Team - 1936

    "Dusty" Millar, Lawrence Webster, Colm O'Shea, Joseph "Duckie" Milton, Philip "Archie" Arderne, Ian "Rusty" McCall
    Seated: E.H.C. "Snake" (aka "Nyoka") Luckham, Norman "Bull" Larby, Capt Nicholson, "Ginger" Gledhill, Henry Davidson

  • Angus McDonald (Hawke 1934-7) e-mailed Webmaster on 22nd Nov 2005:
    I remember them all well - just a little uncertain of the first name for Arderne. He came from South Africa.
    E H C Luckham was a master and prone to reporting on errant boys for misdemeanours such as smoking, etc., hence the rather unattractive nickname! He married a German girl pre-war, and was killed on 4th July 1943 when the troopship on which he was travelling was sunk by the Japanese.

    Henry Davidson had five brothers, and together with their father they made up a seven-a-side hockey team.