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   Biology Class - 1960/1

Biology Class - 1960/1

Photos sent in by Jeremy Whitehead

Biology Class - 1960/1

An al fresco biology class in the quad being taken by Mr J.A. Seldon (with pipe),
nicknamed 'The Missing Link'.
The boy on the right is Roger Garside
Background, part of Clive House and the Gym
  • Brian McIntosh (Rhodes 1953-1959) e-mailed 5th March 2004:
    I remember a day in 1956 when the class of 3A went on a nature ramble in the long grass with 'Missing Link'. As in this picture, he would frequently squat down to examine and show us a biological tidbit. From behind, we would throw long stalks of wild grass - the kind with a fuzzy end like velcro - which stuck to the back of his woolen pullover. Pretty soon, he was striding along looking for all the world like a porcupine, while we followed in his wake with much nudging and stifled laughter. If, in spite of his nickname, Mr. Seldon was aware of what we were up to, he never let on.