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   Mini-Reunions May 2003

Mini-Reunions - South Africa & London May 2003
(Photos supplied by Rick Pearce)

Mike Stephens and Rick Pearce (Scott House), Chet Hewlitt Parker, Trevor Parker (Rhodes), and John Brown (Grigg), all used to share a compartment on the train to and from Kampala to Nairobi, to school and back (two days and a night each way). Well thanks to Friends Reunited and some perseverance, all of us bar John Brown have made contact.

Image of Mini-Reunion SA May 2003

Trevor Parker (left) was on his way on holiday to South Africa where Mike Stephens (right) is at present, and they managed to meet up at Maritzburg.

Image of Mini-Reunion London May 2003

On Trevor's return from South Africa, we decided that the three of us should try for a meeting in the U.K. After some discussion we all agreed to meet up at Covent Garden, London on the 20th of May this year. Which we did, hence the second picture, which as you look at it is myself and Carol on the left. Chet and Margaret in the centre, Trev and Jenny on your right. We all had lunch and a lot of "do you remembers" and went home again having for my part enjoyed the day immensely.