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   Obituary - Bryan Tattersall


Bryan Tattersall

House: Rhodes
Year: 1954-1959

(Brian McIntosh (Rhodes 1953-59) submitted this obituary)

Bryan Tattersall lost a long battle with cancer and died in England in 1975 at the young age of 32. He left behind a wife and two young children.

Bryan and I became close friends in 1951 when our fathers were teachers at African schools in Kakamega. At the Prince of Wales School, along with Roy Ashworth, Rob Hill, and Chris Forster, we formed a band in 1958 called the ‘Rock’Its’.

After leaving school and training together in the Kenya Regiment, Bryan and I went our separate ways in 1960 and lost touch in the years that followed.

Bryan became a school gym teacher in the Durham area where he also continued to develop as a musician. In 1964 he formed a group called the ‘Kasterways’ in which he was the lead singer and guitarist. (Bryan is at right in the picture below.)

The 'Kasterways'
The ‘Kasterways” (Picture source: www.stanlaundon.com)

The ‘Kasterways’ broke up in 1966 but Brian went on lead other groups, becoming well known in the north of England and on the Continent as an innovative musician who wrote his own arrangements and modified the guitar to include more than six strings! His group competed several times in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Towards the end of his battle with cancer, Bryan visited a faith healer in the Philippines. His odyssey was chronicled on radio and television in tributes to his courage and his unique musical talents.