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   Obituary - Ole Sunde


Ole Juel Sunde

House: Nicholson
Years: 1952-1958

On 11th February 2005, Webmaster received an e-mail from Neil Reed:

Dear Steve,

I have just had some shocking news concerning the death of Ole Sunde, who was in Nicholson from about 1952-1958. The news comes from his sons, via my twin brother Colin in Australia. Ole was farming in Zimbabwe and apparently someone broke into his house and he was strangled, last weekend.

Ole was a close friend of mine during the 1960s and 1970s when we did a lot of hunting together in Kenya, and our children were all close friends too. We lost touch, more or less, when he moved to Zimbabwe, but my brother's sons kept in touch with his three boys and his ex-wife Sonya, who was also from Kenya. She and the now adult boys are settled in Norway.

Very sad for all who knew Ole.


Neil Reed
(Scott 1952-1958)

  • E-mail received on 7th April 2005 from Roy Ashworth (Rhodes 1953-1958):
      I was saddened to read of Ole Sunde’s death in Zimbabwe.

      He was head of Intermediate House in 1957 when I was a prefect there. I quickly came to like and admire him. He was thoughtful, self-contained and reliable. He was always very fair and refused ever to be hassled or flapped.