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   Obituary - Don Strachan


Don Strachan

House: Junior/Grigg
Years: 1959-1965

On 21st October 2004, Webmaster received an e-mail from Don's widow:

To you all,

I am so terribly sad to tell you that Don died suddenly on the 23rd June, this year, of a massive cerebral haemmorhage aged 57 years old. I 'm only just learning how to work the computer, so this has taken a long time to tell you. He was so amused to find old photos of him and Derry at school and was enjoying being in touch again after all these years. I am Jan, his wife, and he had a daughter, Rebecca and a son, Hamish, who has a beautiful partner, Heidi, (from South Africa). They have our gorgeous grandson, Cameron, who is now 6 months old. At least Don met him and thought he was wonderful. A truly doting grandpa.

Don and his older brother, Laurie, were planning to visit their old school and haunts (wives in tow) on the 8th July this year, so it was even more heartbreaking when he died. Thank goodness, though, that he died here in England rather than in Kenya.

With best wishes to you all,

Jan Strachan.

Extract from an e-mail received on 28th Oct 2004 from Douglas Walker (Grigg, 1960-2)

Don was in the same house (and dormitory) as me in the years 1961-2, Grigg. He had origins in Dundee, Scotland, where I was born so we had something in common. I remember him well and how he excelled at sport particularly tennis. I also remember (but did not know so well) his brother Derry who was in Hawke.

Don was a great guy and his loss at age 57 is tragic. I am so sorry.

  • On 29th March 2007, Ian McIver sent in a superb photo from 1962/3 of Don and his twin brother, Derek, with the comment "The Strachan twins, Derek and Don, tennis 'aces' and good friends".

    Strachan twins - Derek and Don in 1962 or 1963
    L-R: Derek Strachan and Don Strachan