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   Obituary - William Read "Samaki" Salmon


William Read Salmon

Nickname: "Samaki"
Year: 1945-1964

The following notice was published in the Victoria Times Colonist

Obituary Notice for William Read

Webmaster welcomes contributions from Old Cambrians who remember "Samaki" from school days and after:

  • On 10th December 2005, Webmaster received an e-mail from Brian McIntosh (Rhodes 1953-9):

    Hundreds of Hawke House old boys will be very sad to hear the news.

    I have very fond memories of Samaki and maths. His was the only class in that subject where I felt competent, even when tackling quadratic equations. I also remember him teaching geometry by using illustrations from basic flight navigation.

    Did you know that he made the large wooden cross in 1958 that hung in the new chapel above the altar?



  • On 2nd January 2006, Webmaster received an e-mail from Antony Williamson (Grigg 1956-9):

    I was saddened to hear of the passing of W.R. 'Samaki' Salmon, albeit at a very advanced age and after such a full life. I remember him well as a man of infinite patience, gentle humour and generous spirit. He was noted for his enormous Chev station wagon (a.k.a. The Fish Tank) which he imported on his return from home leave in Canada, as well as his awful jokes.
    An example:
      An employee at a refrigerator factory opens a fridge door and sees a long-eared furry animal inside. 'What are you?' he asks.
      'Please,Sir,' says the animal,"I'm a wabbit.'
      'What do you think you are doing?' the man asks asks.
      'Westing,' the wabbit replies.
      'You can't west in here.'
      'Why not? asks the wabbit. 'It says Westinghouse on the door!'
    We are diminished by Samaki's passing as another link with our school days has been broken, but those of us who were taught by him were greatly enriched academically and also in a far wider sense. He was a fine man.

  • On 4th January 2006, Webmaster received an e-mail from John Lenton (Hawke 1959-64):

    I remember Samaki Salmon well: he taught me Maths in my third year and actually enabled me to enjoy it. He had this soft Canadian accent which was very endearing. I still recall his way of remembering the formulae for Sine, cosine, tangent, etc.: SinOH (Opposite over hypotenuse), CosAH (adjacent over hypotenuse), TanOA (opposite over adjacent)!

  • On 28th April 2006, Webmaster received an e-mail from Rob Ryan (Hawke 1945-50):

    Brilliant teacher. He got us involved in trig by teaching us how to navigate. He was a navigator in the RCAF during the war.