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   Obituary - Frank Robson


Frank Robson

House: Scott
Year: 1948-1953
Most Nairobi residents in the 1940s and 1950s will remember Robson the Chemist in the centre of Nairobi. 'Robby' had one son, Frank, and several daughters, almost all of whom were swimming champions at some stage.

Frank was at the PoW from around 1948-1953, and can be seen in the House Photos (Scott) for that period.

He followed in his father's footsteps as a pharmacist, and was retired in Australia when he passed away February 2003. His hobby was restoring old sailing craft models, and he also built a sailboat.

Derek Woolfall
23 May 2003

On 11th Oct 2005, Webmaster received an e-mail from Frank's son, Alan:

D.O.B  25th January 1936      Died  5th February 2003

Born in Nairobi to Edward and Marion Robson. Edward was a Chemist as I am sure you Know , as was Frank. Marion's maiden name was Geater.

Dad, on leaving school, went to the UK to study Pharmacy, (at his dads insistence; he had wanted to do electronics)

On returning to Kenya he did his National Service. After this he worked in various Chemist shops around East Africa. During this work he met my Mum, Sheena. Mum was a Scottish lass who was in Kenya after marrying a Man by the name of Peter Clare, they had divorced. Mum had a daughter Fiona born in 1956 to that marriage. Dad met Mum at a place called the "White Rhino".

Mum and Dad had a short courtship getting married in 1960. My sister Lisa was born 1962, and I was born 1965.

Due to future schooling Mum and Dad decided to move to Australia. In 1967 we went to Scotland for 8 months, London for another 8 months on the way to Australia.

we arrived in Adelaide, Australia on 3rd October 1968. We spent the first 90 days living in Nissan huts with about 100 other migrants from Greece and Italy. Once we were out of the hostel our new life began.

Dad got a job as a chemist - Onwards and upwards!!

Over the next 25 or so years he built up a good business owning many different chemist shops along the journey. Unfortunately during this time, Mum took ill and died in 1989. Dad later had a partner, Felicity Martin, who he fell very much in love with and really did enjoy a lot of lifes' treasures with her.

Dad built a beach house in 1995 and retired to enjoy his remaining years. During this time he built furniture, scratch built model sailing ships and entertained his collection of grand children (11).

During this time Dad did lots of overseas travel. His mum had moved to the UK and was still alive until 2001. Dad made many trips to see his Mum and sisters - Dad had 6 sisters, 5 are still alive, 1 in Australia, 1 in South Africa, and 3 in the UK.

Dad embarked on building a 30 foot timber sailing boat full time in 2000. The boat named Eun Ban (Gaelec for white dove) was about 80% finished when he took ill with Non Hogkins Lymphoma. His kids commissioned a ship-rite to finish his boat as he was devastated that the boat was unlikely to be finished before he died. The Eun Ban was finished in time and Dad got about half a dozen days great sailing before his health became too poor. Dad Died on 5th February 2003.

His three children have all found their way in life and have all married with kids of their own; all have done well in the business world.

Another memory from Alan Robson:
I remember on a trip home to Kenya in 1977, spending the day at Prince of Wales as a 12 year old; talking with students and teachers during the day. Dad had arranged for me to spend a day at "his school" . I remember the buildings and the grounds very well. I was lucky to go to a great school in Adelaide, Australia with similar style buildings and grounds. My Dad was as proud as a man could be showing his son through his school. I also spent a day in a small school in a poorer area in Nairobi which was quite an eye opener.