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   Obituary - John T’challa Raposo


John T’challa Raposo

Nickname: "Tramp"
House: Clive
Year: 1970-1975

On 3rd August 2004, Webmaster received an e-mail from John's brother, Dr Manuel T. Raposo:

John Raposo, better known by his middle name T’challa Raposo or nickname “Tramp” passed away in the summer of 1998 as a result of walking pneumonia. 'Tramp' lived a full life in 43 short years, as can be verified by his many friends, admirers and those touched by his life.

He had a wonderful personality besides his many other blessings. Very bright, great rugby player both at “Patch” and for Harlequins in his time.

'Tramp' lived for the moment, a lesson many still have to learn.

  • Remembered by Steve Le Feuvre (Clive 1970-1975) - Webmaster:
      I remember "Tramp" very well....we were in the same house and year at Nairobi School.....who could EVER forget him?

      Nicknames were used alot of the time by fellow students, but in the case of 'Tramp' even the staff knew him by his nickname.......surely a great mark of respect!

      It's true to say that 'Tramp' lived life to the full........you could say he lived it "on the edge" most of the time!!! Never one to do things by half, and certainly one of life's characters! We played in the same rugby team for house and school many times. He had total commitment, and no fear of anything or anyone! I also remember him for the many practical jokes he used to conjure up, especially when we were in the VIth form.

      Truly, one of school life's GREAT characters, never to be forgotten by us his old school mates!