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   Obituary - Frank Poppleton


Frank Poppleton

House: Clive
Years: 1934-1938

On the 4th July 2011, Webmaster received an e-mail from Bruce Rooken-Smith advising him that Frank had passed away in Canada on 16th June 2011.

The following was Frank's entry in the Alumni section of this web site prior to his death:

Frank Poppleton

House: Clive
Year: 1934-1938

Sporting activities - awarded four School colours: boxing, rugby, cricket and hockey.

Joined the Kenya Regiment, was through the Abissinian campaign with Recce Regiment and Kenya Amoured Car Regiment. On cessation of hostilities, accepted a regular commission and posted to the 17/21 Lancers. Took part in military operation in Kenya against the Mau Mau.

Resigned my commission after 15 years service and joined the Uganda National Parks as a warden, served with the parks for ten years and the accepted a post at the College of African Wildlife Management in Moshi, Tanzania under FAO/UNDP. Served for 20 years with FAO in Tanzania, Nepal and Uganda, in conservation and wildlife management.

Retired from UN in 1985. After retirement was appointed as an advisor to the conservation dept in Ethiopia. Emigrated to Canada in 1980; married with 2 sons, all Canadian citizens.

(Registered - 26th February 2003)