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   Obituary - Dr. David Oxlade


Dr. David Oxlade

Year: 1963-1976 approx
My father was a teacher at the Prince of Wales School, and during his time there he was Assistant Housemaster of Grigg and Hawke, Housemaster of Scott, and Second Master (Deputy Headmaster).

He returned to Brighton, England and died in 1988.

How very interesting and super to hear that the University of Nairobi has a copy of his Ph.D thesis on the History of the Prince of Wales/Nairobi School, and that you hope to publish it on this web site in due course. I think I have a copy here somewhere in the attic. I am embarrassed to say that I have not read it and your email will now spur me on to find it.
I remember him writing it in his study where he spent hours and hours and with wafts of pipe smoke smelling out the house!
He would be thrilled to know that it was being being put to good use.

Stephen Oxlade (David's son)
14th July 2003

Note from Webmaster:
Stephen feels very much an "honorary" Old Cambrian. He comments that, having lived there for so long and having the run of the school during the holidays - it really was home.

If anyone wishes to contact Stephen by e-mail, Click Here