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   Obituary - Ron Millership


Ronald F. Millership

House: Clive
Years: 1949-1952

On 5th April 2009, Webmaster received an e-mail from Sandra Millership:

Dear Steve
Ronald F. Millership : 8th April, 1934 - 6th May, 2008

Your last Old Cambrian Society, e-Newsletter (March 2009) suddenly prompted me to realise that I had never told you of the death last year of my husband Ron (Ronnie), on May 6th. For this I do apologise. I automatically thought, rather stupidly, that you would know !

Ron was in Clive House from 1949-1952 and I knew that Tony Sheriden had sent you two photos of the Clive Reunion at our house last 28th February - which was, in fact, Ron's and my last social event together before he died in May. Boudi, Tony and Dennis have all been very supportive during the last year with phone calls and offers to stay which I have really appreciated.

Ron and I were married in Singapore in 1963 and in 1964 went on leave to Kenya where we spent 2 months. Naturally, Ron took me on a tour of the Prince of Wales School, as it was known then, so I do feel fairly familiar with it. Also by seeing family photos and hearing some of the pranks you all got into! When later, our elder son, James, visited the school in 1993 or '94, he persuaded the Headmaster to retrieve Ron's final school report - he did find it, James framed it, and much to the amusement of our children and friends, the report read something like - "Nice boy, but not very bright !" (I can't remember the exact words as it is in one of the boxes which I haven't unpacked yet after I moved).

After leaving school, Ron joined the Kenya Regiment following which he became a UK Chartered Accountant. We have have had a fun-filled life, with 3 wonderful children, great friends and many happy memories.

With kindest regards,

Sandra Millership

The following was Ron's's entry in the Alumni section of this web site prior to his death:

Ron Millership

House: Clive
Year: 1949-1952

Living in British Columbia, Canada.

(Registered - 1st December 2003)