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   Obituary - Ken Maudsley


Ken Maudsley

Year: Left March 1957

Extract of an e-mail from Old Cambrian Patrick Maudsley (Ken's son) to Antony D Williamson dated 22nd Sept 2004:
What a pleasant surprise to get your email, via Steve Le Feuvre, saying you well remember my father whom taught you Latin. I trust he was more successful with you than he was with me!!

I would have dearly loved to have asked him if he recalled you but sadly Dad died on 31 August this year - just days before I received your e-mail. He had a pretty good memory for the names of boys he taught and even more so if they boy were receptive to his teaching methods.

After leaving "Prinso" in March 1957, Dad moved to Mombasa where he was assistant Provincial Education Officer for the Coast Province dealing mainly with Asian education policy. He later moved back to Nairobi to be Assistant Education Officer for Central Province to deal with African education policy. At Independence Dad took his "Lumpus" and returned to UK where he taught. But as he had been away from the UK teaching world for so long (1946-63) he was only able to get in the Secondary Modern system where Latin was not taught and so he had to rely on his other subject, history. But he didn't enjoy teaching in the UK as much as he did overseas. He found the kids in the UK just did not want to learn whereas overseas they did and had to keep their place in School. Jake would soon have had you on boat back to UK to join the Army if he considered the boy wasn't pulling his weight!!

Comment from Antony D. Williamson (Grigg 1956-9):
I was saddened to hear of the passing of Ken who was a member of Staff at Princo during my early years there. He was a scholarly, very British fellow, self-effacing and modest. Because we had a flair for unflattering nicknames, he was known to us as 'Slobbergob'. Imagine our surprise when he gave our Latin class a blow by blow account of the Battle of Arnhem. He was there!