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   Obituary - David MacDonald


David Hugh MacDonald

House: Hawke
Year: 1961-1966

On 14th January 2008, Webmaster received news of the passing away of David:

"David Hugh MacDonald died on 23rd November 2006 from heart failure following an unsuccessful cardiac ablation procedure. He was in Hawke House from 1961-1966 the son of Doctors Hugh and Margaret MacDonald of Gilsborough Rd, Lavington. He leaves a wife, Carrie, who lives in Piddington, High Wycombe, Bucks, UK; a son, Stuart, building/living in Mozambique; a daughter, Kirstin, in Edinburgh soon to work in the Gambia for 3 years with her husband Stefan (medics); a son, Martin, a Sports Nutritionist, Loughborough; and a daughter, Elena, sitting A-levels with ambition in architecture."