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   Obituary - Otto Jacobs


Otto Jacobs

House: Nicholson
Years: 1954-1959

Webmaster received an e-mail on 24th January 2010 from Alan Westcob (Nicholson 1954-60):

I noticed with great sadness that Otto Jacobs (Nicholson 1954 -59) passed away in 2009. An obituary appeared in the Kenya Regiment Buffalo Barua.

Otto was a prefect colleague of mine in Nicholson. We were great friends and I spent a memorable school holiday with him in Kajiado where his dad was the District Officer. On one occasion we, in a reckless moment, decided to play cat and mouse with an irate rhino in Amboseli. No harm was done other than a big gouge in the side of the DO's vehicle where contact was made with the large horn. Suitable chastisement was meted out and I was sent packing back to Nairobi for further chastisement from my parents! What we did for kicks in the old days!!


Alan Westcob