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   Obituary - John Cossington Cook


John Cossington Cook

Nickname "Mpishi"
House: Hawke/Nicholson
Years: 1941-1945

On the 31st January 2015, Webmaster received an e-mail from John Partridge:

Hi Steve,

Have just heard, from his wife, that John Cossington Cook (Hawke/Nicholson 1941-1945)  died in Queensland, Australia on 29th Jan 2015.


John Partridge
(Clive 1945-7)


The following was John's entry in the Alumni section of this web site prior to his death:


John Cossington Cook

Nickname: "Mpishi"
House: Hawke/Nicholson
Years: 1941 - mid 1945
Impressions: Great School. Wonderful years at Naivasha and Kabete.
Done since: Army (National Service) Kenya Regiment and EAA Surveying and mining in Tanganyika. Film industry MGM in East Africa. Joined international (British) company in South Africa. Subsequently worked in South Africa, Australia, UK and around the world.

Retired 1986, settled in Queensland, Australia.

(Unfortunately, photos and memorabilia all lost when my flat in Nairobi was robbed during Emergency, 1953).

(Registered - 15th January 2004)