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   Nyumbani Appeal

Charity Appeal On Behalf Of
Caring for abandoned and orphaned HIV+ children in Kenya

Click here for the "Nyumbani" web site

No pandemic in history has struck the world in such a frightening way

HIV/AIDS is a global emergency. Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the hardest hit areas. 68 million people will die of AIDS in the 45 most affected countries by 2020 and within 10 years there will be 40 million AIDS orphans roaming the African continent without homes, sustenance or education.

In Kenya, there are 600 deaths or more per day due to HIV/AIDS – that’s one death every two minutes. UNICEF estimates 1.2 million children under 15 have lost at least one parent – that is 12% of the population.

Nyumbani – Swahili for ‘home’

Our charity was founded because of a unique need today: the rising number of HIV+ infected children in Kenya who are orphaned or abandoned.

Nyumbani opened its doors in 1992 to provide the children in its care the best nutritional, medical and psychosocial care. What began as a small hospice is now a two acre orphanage in Karen, on the outskirts of Nairobi. Nyumbani’s children live in cottages in their age groups, with a house mother or uncle. This way each child feels that he or she is part of a family. In addition to a school-house for infants, there is a medical centre and laboratory to provide testing to the children, as well as for the greater community, a playground, a vegetable garden, and sadly a small cemetery too.

Nyumbani presently has accommodation for almost one hundred children. Such is the demand for places at Nyumbani that we are trying hard to raise funds to expand our facilities. Fortunately, a site adjacent to Nyumbani has just come up for sale and Nyumbani UK Limited – a registered fund raising charity in UK (No1072191) - has been able to utilize a special donation from a generous well wisher to acquire this land. We now need to raise the funds to develop and run this added facility.

Lea Toto – Swahili for ‘raising the child’

Of course, the work at orphanage itself touches but a few. Conscious of that, Nyumbani has a community based outreach program, Lea Toto. Through this, Nyumbani is able to assist over 900 other children who are still able to live, in the terrible slums of Nairobi. Our strategy here is to identify orphaned, abandoned or endangered children living with HIV/AIDS in two of the bigger slums – Kangemi and Kibera – and to offer these children medical care, counselling and social support where we can.

Staffed by social workers and registered nurses, and backed by volunteer community health workers trained by us, basic medical care, treatment of ailments, advice on hygiene and instruction on prevention of transmitting the disease is given. And for young children, who go though the awful experience of watching their parents die, emotional and trauma counselling is offered too.

And in those homes run by the eldest surviving child, often a very young teenager, we are able to give some support with food parcels and encouragement to remain at school through the provision of uniforms and books.

We cannot sit by and say this is not an issue for us. The horrifying facts demand our help. Please will you give us your support?

Nyumbani’s monthly expenditure exceeds £15,000 due in no small measure to the cost of anti retroviral therapy that many of our children need just to stay alive. With no major donor, we are reliant on the compassion and support of individuals to fund our activities. Many of our supporters are ex Kenya residents living in the UK. Will you help us too? If so, please just e-mail Stuart Eastwood or write to him at the address below and he will send you more information.

You can show your support in different ways. A small monthly donation is so valuable to us and will be much appreciated. A one time only donation, no matter how small, will also be gratefully acknowledged. And by using Gift Aid, every pound that you donate will be enhanced by 28 pence from the Inland Revenue, making your donation go even further.

There are so many other ways you can help us. Please get in touch and we will give you ideas.

Please act today.

The contact you need is:
Stuart Eastwood
Nyumbani UK Limited
Hadleigh House,
Sheet Street,
Berkshire SL4 1BN
E-mail: seastwood@africaonline.co.ke

Nyumbani UK is run entirely by volunteers with strong Kenya connections. Any donations that you may choose to make will not be reduced by any administrative costs.