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   Australia Reunion - October 2002

Australia Reunion - October 2002

(Report by Brian Turner)

  • Kenya Regiment Association Curry Dinner - 19th October, 2002
  • East African All Schools' Picnic - 20th October, 2002

    The attendees at these two events were mainly Sydney based ex-Kenyans, who meet up from time to time, through Kenya Australia Society, Kenya Police Association and Kenya Regiment Association, although the Sunday Picnic did entice quite a few, less associated, out of the woodwork and from further afield.

    This was an opportunity to access Old Cambrians, at least domiciled East and North of the Nullabor, leaving those to the West to organise themselves. The Picnic Day was a great success, bringing together Kenyan educated boys and girls, representing every Senior School as well as the Primary Schools - of which there were so many. In fact, there were some representatives of Schools in old Tanganyika, who were much welcomed.

    It is anticipated that these two events will become a regular part of the New South Wales Spring Calendar, featuring the month of October, a good time to visit the Sydney Region - with even the possibility of the Sydneysiders going to the country as an alternative.

    Whether this can be the board to spring the Old Cambrian Society into life in these parts will remain to be seen - we have a nucleus of enthusiam, on which we can only build, and with a little input from the Committee in Kenya and the active Branch in the United Kingdom, it may well be possible to bring this fine old princely School back to its rightful place, ahead of our heretofore well organised rivals, of ducal and saintly demeanour.

    Image of Australia Reunion 2002

    A photograph taken at the Picnic of 9 Old Cambrians

    Left to Right: Ben Christie (Grigg 1951-4), Brian Adam (Nicholson late 1940s), Roy Cordell (Scott late 1950s), Ted Downer (Clive late 1940s), John Cheshire (Clive 1940-3), Brian Turner (Scott late 1940s), Mike Johanson (Nicholson late 1950s), Alan Francis (Scott late 1940s), John Wynne-Jones (Clive late 1940s). Missing - Steve Taylor (Scott early 1960s).

    There are others, mainly from NSW country and Interstate, not able to attend on the day : Ron Shaw - Armidale , Giles Wollen - Glen Innes , Guy Robinson - Glen Innes, Roger Chapman - Sydney, Ben Durand - Kyogle, Eric Knowlden - Sydney, Hugo Klynsmith - Adelaide SA, Neville Leete - Ballina, Michael leete - Sydney, Nick Stephen - Frankston, Vic, Barry Shorter - Tolmie Vic, Mike Tucker - Sydney.

    Click here for more photos of the East African All Schools' Picnic