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   "Patch" by Mucheru Njaga



by Mucheru Njaga
(attended Nairobi School - Serengeti House (Nicholson), 1993-1996)

Prince of Wales Boarding School, nestled in a serene countryside, fondly nicknamed “Patch” was responsible for turning young boys into esteemed gentlemen who would one day occupy the hallways of world government, power and authority. Behind the high walls lay a secret, a secret not told until now. Led by a group of student leaders known as “Prefects” the students were subjected to untold physical and verbal abuse, intimidation, fear and bullying. In a world where the cardinal rule is “Assumption is a crime”, no one ever questioned their authority ...... until Gabriel, a freshman transfer, a “rabble”, forever changed what it meant to be in PATCH.

PATCH is a fictional book loosely based on Mucheru's own experience at Nairobi School , formerly Prince of Wales

ISBN: 978-0615378770 Published by M&K AuthorHouse

Amazon Books purchase link is: Click Here for details