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   Books - "African Dow" by Jim Dow (Clive 1951-4)


"African Dow"

by Jim Dow (Clive 1951-4)

AFrican Dow
Everything is different from Africa.
The dust of Africa after over forty years is still on the shoes.
It’s in the hair, under the fingernails, in the nostrils.

In the 1950s, the European colonies in Africa erupted into civil unrest as the long-oppressed black nationals began to stake their claim to independence. Kenya was no exception. A State of Emergency was declared as Jomo Kenyatta and the Mau Mau made their voice against the white settlers heard.

As a young boy, Jim Dow was only aware of those troubled times through the affect it had on his fellow classmates and the sudden increased security in and around his Nairobi school. But as he leaves school and begins his career as a promising young journalist, Dow finds himself on hand to cover Kenya’s passage and development through this tumultuous era. With his young bride by his side, Dow is there to witness and report first hand the trials, political rallies and radical campaigns as the ‘winds of change’ sweep the nation.

Chronicled here is a deeply intimate story of Kenya’s transition to a free nation, from the perspective of one man who can never forget his experience in Africa.

    Jim Dow has been a journalist for more than fifty years. He is also chairman of a public relations and design company, co-editor of a website newspaper and has written a book on the Scottish islands.
    His wife Lorna says he has found an eighth day in the week and spends it working.

ISBN 978-1-84748-393-5 and Published by Athena Press - Click Here for a web link.

To contact Jim Dow, to enquire about purchasing a copy of his book direct from him,
please e-mail the Old Cambrian Society Webmaster who will pass on your request to Jim