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   Alfie Windsor


Alfie Windsor

House: Intermediate/Grigg
Year: 1962-1964

  • Walking down from Grigg House for lessons with Mt Kenya visible in the distance.
  • Learning the new National Anthem ready for Uhuru.
  • Swimming in the pool late at night.
  • Getting whacked over the head with a panga one night in the dorm and thinking I was going to bleed to death! I spent a very unhappy day in the police station being accused of all sorts of nefarious deeds! If anyone out there knows the true story of why it happened, I would be very interested to learn. I never found out - I just woke up with a sore head and a very bloody bed.

    Since leaving School: I moved on to HMS Conway in England as did a few others over the years (see below). For many years I worked in the UK MOD in computers before setting up my own business.

    Like a few others from Princo, I went on to a school in the UK called HMS Conway. I am the webmaster for that school's site - www.hmsconway.org.
    Conway was a naval college and we wore naval uniform. Strangely the Conway prefects badge seems to have been identical to the POW prefects badge (see photo below). The item 'inside' the Conway badge was a three towered castle. I do not recall what was 'inside' the POW one. Is this just a coincidence? I recall that the founder of POW was a naval officer called Nicholson. Do you have any information about the POW prefects badge or Nicholson? It may be that Nicholson was an Old Conway (Conway was founded in the early 1800s) and simply brought the design with him! The more prosaic answer may just be that there was some central school outfitters somewhere who had this as a standard design! Any light you can shed would be most welcome.

    Image of Conway Prefect's badge

    (Registered - 30th December 2002)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Alfie, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details