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   David Whitehead


David Bryan Whitehead

House: Grigg
Years: 1958-1960

Memories of the School:
Yup, like many others, I too got the 'Cuts' from "Jake" Fletcher for smoking in the toilets near the swimming pool, and also got the 'Cuts' from our Head of House, John Wyber, for smoking up in that old wooden 'Look-Out Tower' that we thought was a safe place at the time. Little did we realise that Cowboys and Injuns used smoke signals too!

Brian McIntosh was the school Head Boy and he also lived at the same place as me, the KT&TS (Kabete Technical & Trade School) where I believe his father was a teacher in the 'Academic Block' and where my step-father, Frank Barker, was the School Transport and Site Maintenance Manager.

Since leaving school:
My, mainly happy times, at 'Princo' were cut short when my mother died in mid 1960 and there were no funds for me to continue my education. Fortunately I was given a job in Cable & Wireless (later known as, Kenya Broadcasting Service, and then Voice Of Kenya), which is where I stayed employed until my 'Call-Up' into the Kenya Regiment. On leaving the KR, my job in VOK had been taken by a local person and so I returned to Mombasa, where I found alternative work in places like Car & General, and playing drums in the local hotels and night clubs with the great band Conny Kitt & The Pirates, to bolster my measly Car & General income.

Later in 1964, I took up an old offer from a very dear KBS colleague Wendy Barnes, and went to the UK and joined the BBC. After only being with the 'Beeb' for a few months, destiny whisked me off to Italy, where I spent the next few years playing drums professionally, with the newly reformed Conny Kitt & The Pirates band from back home in Mombasa, which was re-named 'The Bushmen', because that's where the Italians thought we came from, but also, we re-named the band because it was too similar to the 'Shaking All Over' outfit 'Johnny Kidd & The Pirates' from the UK.

It was during my wonderful times with 'The Bushmen' that I was given the name 'Palebushman', because I was the only white guy in the five piece band, and many folk in 2008 still know me by this name. After 'The Bushmen' folded up in 1967, I returned to the UK and worked the rest of my working life, with a fantastic company called Regma UK Ltd. Sadly that company collapsed in 2003/4 and I then retired.

But all was not lost, the magic was about to begin once again in my life!

This time, through the wonders of the World Wide Web, I found my Kenya childhood sweetheart, Jenny Munro, who was now living in Australia. Cut a long story short, we both went to South Africa to meet up after 42 years, only to discover that the oldest magic they call 'Love' was still burning as strong as ever!!! So after a couple of great years in South Africa together, destiny has now made Jenny bring me to this awesome continent they call Oz. (Always had a strange feeling about that wizard).

I live in Brisbane, Queensland. Australia.

(Registered - 22nd February 2009)

If anyone wishes to contact David, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details