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   John Wehner


John Wehner

House: Fletcher
Years: 1965

I was in the 1st Form only, Jan-Dec 1965, and left when my father was transferred.

Memories of the School:
  • The first day when we were sorted into Houses and realising that being a “daybug” was not ideal (- and then experiencing it to some degree as a weird sort of Limbo).
  • Trying to learn how to play field hockey and cricket (or least not embarrass myself as a “Bloody Yank”).
  • Knee socks; the yellow custard poured from pitchers at dessert; foolscap paper; the tea breaks; avoiding prefects.
  • Watching the Odinga boxing match one afternoon outside the quad and also listening to the Liston-Clay championship between classes on transistor radios.
  • Our French teacher driving off from behind Fletcher on his old BSA motorcycle, complete with head gear and goggles.
  • The oxygen experiment in chemistry; first introduction to derivatives in Maths; learning to recite poetry (“You are old Father William”) in English; trying unsuccessfully to explain to our history teacher that it was “The American Revolution”, not “Rebellion”.
  • Being perplexed by hearing what was going on in Vietnam from another American whose family had just been transferred from Saigon.
  • A remarkable classmate from the NFD (Peter??) who could read a book cover to cover between classes and remember everything – he did this with “The Long Walk” one morning before lunch to my total amazement
  • A classmate who sat next to me all year during prep’ in Fletcher who’s family had escaped from Hungary.

    Since leaving school:
  • I moved first to the Philippine Islands, where my family lived outside Manila for three years and then back to the States, where I finished high school and university.
  • I had a 30 year career in banking focused on heavy equipment financing with stints in Chicago, New York and Boston.
  • I am semi-retired now, but still working part-time on financing renewable energy projects.
  • My wife and I now live across the harbour from Boston, Massachusetts, USA in a small town called Hull overlooking Hingham Bay.

    (Registered - 5th Jan 2010)

  • If anyone wishes to contact John, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details