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   Michael (Mike) Webster


Michael (Mike) Webster

Nickname: Ted
House: Grigg
Years: 1960-1962

Memories of the School:
My first year and a half of high school was in Tanganyika before moving to Princo
Memories, I have plenty. One special memory was climbing Kilimanjaro in December 1960, with Paul Marek (Grigg) and Pete Willers (Grigg).

Since leaving school:
After leaving school I worked in Nairobi for a short while and was then kicked out as a result of a work permit mix up - what did I know about work permits? I went down to Rhodesia and joined the B S A Police, where I had a successful career up to 1980, when once again politics dictated, and I moved on.

I moved to South Africa where I moved around before finally settling in Cape Town.

(Registered - 1st Sept 2009)

If anyone wishes to contact Mike, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details