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   Trevlyn Webb


Trevlyn George Webb

Nicknames: Jake
House: Rhodes
Years: 1962-1967

Memories of School:
  • Visiting the Boma and Msongari girl’s schools and tying the dog to the bell.
  • The motorbike in the shed over the road with Ian Poppleton so we could get out of school as often as possible.
  • The art room and all the fine wildlife painters that came out of there.

    Since leaving School:
  • Started farming in Nanyuki after leaving university
  • Left Kenya in 1983 for Zambia where I ran two large international agricultural companies.
  • Left Zambia in 1988 and began working for CDC in London as a roving consultant and visited over 50 countries, assisting natural resource companies invested in by CDC.
  • In 1994 became an independent development consultant and have worked long term in Armenia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Turkey and Mongolia and in many other countries on short term assignments.

    I live in Hampshire, England.

    Trevlyn Webb

    (Registered - 6th March 2007)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Trevlyn, please Click Here to e-mail him