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   Ewart Walker


Ewart Walker

House: Nicholson
Years: 1951-1955

Memories of School:
On the question of "PF's" name, whilst I have vaugue memories that it was Philip, as far as I can remember all at PoW in my days called him either Percy or Vlakie. Vlakie which as it is noted in other PF notes meant mouthorgan in Africaans and my understanding of this nickname came about as when he showed his somewhat inane grin his row of (not perfect teeth) looked like a mouthorgan.Also the notes elsewhere about his slighty evil laugh to me was always "hee hee hee "and not heh heh heh..sorry to be pedantic!

I think we were all pretty terrified of Vlakie and I well remember Saturday mornings when the whole school gathered in the main quad and then marched down to the new assembly hall via those steps in the main entrance .Vlakie would stand there and pick out two (or was it four?) unfortunate lads to read the lessons the next week in assembly. We all hoped against hope we wouldn't be picked and tried not to look in Vlakie's way as we went down those steps.

His lack of clothes sense of course is well documented and I well remember (if you were unlucky enough to be on the front row of the lecture theatre) seeing the egg stains at close range on vlakies tie. He was a great man and no more testified by the fact that when he retired and was going by ship to a well earned retirement while in Dar es Salaam (my brother and I were Tanganyika-ites) went out of his way to visit my Father to see how we "two Walker boys" were getting on .

Since leaving the Prince of Wales School:
Went to Uk to qualify as a Chartered Accountant, then back to East Africa working most of my working life with DT Dobie, the Mercedes distibutors for East Afica. Last 16 years to 1997 as MD. Incidentally it was Vlakie who suggested accountancy for me, although at the time it didn't seem the most exciting career!!

Living in Somerset.

(Registered - 31st July 2005)

If anyone wishes to contact Ewart, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details