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   Ray Tugwell


Raymond James Tugwell

Nickname: “Tugger” was the most common
House: Hawke
Years: 1960-1963

Memories of School:
Alas, most of my memories are of me constantly getting myself into trouble by not following the rules….without much luck; my good buddy Ian Cousins (Nicholson House) always tried to keep me on the straight & narrow ……lets leave it there.

Since leaving School:
  • I returned to London with my parents in 1963 and worked as a transport clerk in Wembly & Hammersmith.
  • Emmigrated to Canada in 1965 and tried my hand at being a lumberjack for a short period of time (tough dangerous work)
  • Then continued my travels across most of Canada before settling in the Nations Capital, Ottawa
  • Following a stint in the Royal Canadian Air Force I spent 17 years with Shell Canada in various departments (Aviation, Marketing, Real Estate & Development)
  • Upon leaving Shell I started & managed my own Automotive Repair Centre for the next 18 years
  • Presently retired and working hard on my golf game as and when the weather permits.

    Along with my wife, Joanne, I live in Ottawa

    (Registered 14th November 2005)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Ray, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details