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   Graham Tooley


Graham Tooley

House: Scott
Years: 1959-1963
Memories of School:
Have many memories of school, many of them do not refer to learning. Most of the time was spent trying to find new places where I could have my crafty smoke, the craftiest being under Stalky’s window, as he himself smoked a pipe I thought that he would not smell it; and after about a dozen times I thought I was on to a winner. How wrong I was!! When I got caught I thought I was in for another 6. Instead Stalky was so surprised that I had the cheek to do such a thing, that he let me off. But at one time I held the record for most caning in one term, 252 to be precise, 6 of which were given to me by my brother who was then Head of House. And all for my smoking. I have now given it up but it took 39 years and I don't know how many 6's before I learnt that it was doing me no good. The real reason as to why I gave up was, that I ran out of places to hide!!

Since leaving school:
I came to the UK in 1964 and signed up with the Welsh Guards. I served with them for over 3 years when I had to be pensioned out because of losing 3/4 of my hearing after test firing an anti tank gun.

I then went driving HGVs and then went back to farming. I have been working on my present farm at Madehurst, Arundel, Sussex for the past 35 years and hopefully I will stay here until I retire.

I have 2 sons, one of which followed me into farming and the another one went into the catering trade. I have 4 grandchildren, enjoy walking in the countryside with my wife Anne and our 3 dogs, and in the autumn I compete in ploughing competitions and once a month I attend a meeting of the vintage tractor society.

(Registered 4th August 2005)

If anyone wishes to contact Graham, please Click Here to e-mail him