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   Ray Thompson


Raymond (Ray) Henry Thompson

Nickname: Thompy
House: Nicholson
Years: 1956-1959

  • Early days were not easy, but they improved with time and life as a prefect was very pleasant
  • I particularly remember lively conversations at mealtimes in the dining hall; and long, leisurely week-end afternoons (has time ever moved so slowly since?) when the 'locals' left us up-country types to our own devices.

    In 1960, after a stint in the Kenya Regiment, I went to Queen's University in Northern Ireland for a B.A.; then to the University of Michigan in 1964 for an M.A.; then to the University of Alberta in 1965 for a Ph.D., and there I met and married another graduate student (from Scotland).

    In 1968 we moved to Nova Scotia, where we both taught English at Acadia University until early retirement. Three children (two boys and a girl) and four grandchildren (two of each), now scattered elsewhere in Canada. Sadly, my wife died of a brain tumour earlier this year (2009).

    I do have some photographs from my schooldays. I shall scan them into the computer and send them to you sometime, and probably it should be soon, since time is taking its toll upon us all. I checked the obituary section and was saddened to see the names of some old friends and acquaintances. The saddest, of course, was Ole Sunde: I was his 'fag' for a term at Nicholson and found him good-natured and fair-minded.

    (Registered - 17th Sept 2009)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Ray, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details