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   Livio Tessaro


Livio Agostino Tessaro

Nickname: Tess
House: Clive
Years: 1953-1956

Born May 1939.

I've started a trip down memory lane by trawling through the OCS web site, and was able to down load the 1953 and 1956 Clive House photos, and browse through many other photos.

Memories of school:
You are asking me to go back a long time, and I have an atrocious memory. I really enjoyed my time at the Princo, and my best times were involved with sport. Rugby was my best sport, and made it to the School 1st XV Team in the 1956 season. That year I seem to remember, we had the best team the school had for a long time.

The other thing I recall, was that in my first term at Clive I was picked for the Boxing team (the last time it was held) and managed to get to the finals in my category, which I lost, but gave a good account of myself, and this earned me some respect from my mates. Also a ‘high’ was winning the Cycle Safari with Paul Morris and Andrew Tainsh (found a photo of that one on the web site). I have often wandered what has happened to those two. Now maybe I will find out.

Since leaving school:
In 1958-59 I did a Diploma Course at Egerton Agricultural College, then went to work on the farm that my father managed just outside Arusha at a place called Monduli. Sadly My father died in 1962. I took over running the farm until 1963, when a change of ownership made me and my two brothers move on to lease a farm in the Babati area called Ndareda. In 1964 we bought the place and farmed until 1978 when the Tanzania government took the farm over. My brothers, one in 1965 and the other in 1968, moved on and I carried on by myself. In 1963 I got married, 1966 my son Dino was born (he now lives just outside Cardiff), 1968 my daughter Tania was born (she now lives in Brighton). In 1978 I got divorced, but kept the children, and at that stage I put them to school in Kenya …… Dino at Kenton College and Tania at the Banda. This was the period when the East African Community broke down, and so after battling for 2 years getting them across the border, I lifted anchors and moved down to join my sister, Sandra, in South Africa. We settled eventually outside Pietermaritzburg on a small holding, were I still live. In 1984 I re-married to a local (white South African ) girl who had two daughters from a previous marriage……Sam who now works in Dublin, and Vanessa who is married and lives very close to us. Ten months ago she blessed us with a grandson, called Caleb.

Shortly after settling here I joined a local seed company, McDonald Seed. Worked for them for 12 years, until they sold the seed business. I then decided to try it on my own in 1997, and am still at it. At 67 I am trying to slowly wind down, but the economics are going to make it a slow process.

Well that’s it, and one of my resolutions is to now try and contact some of my old friends!

(Registered - 7th February 2007)

If anyone wishes to contact Livio, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details