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   John Templer


John Templer

House: Hawke at first, then Nicholson
Year: 1941-1945
My life has been so full, but is probably of little interest to most, so here goes.......

To be truthful, I didn't much enjoy my time at the POW. I was remarkably poor at all sports --- a fatal flaw at that school. I remember many of the masters in my time 1941/45 -- (Burbly)Astley, the Headmaster; (Ginger)Gledhill, Nicholson Housemaster; (Bush)Forest, woodwork and OTC head; (Wooly)Cheadle, English; (Pansy)James, Rhodes Housemaster and history.

We had a number of quite smart boys in my class, and I often wonder what happened to them --- Peter Holmes, Roddy Munro, Fritz Freudenthal, Schwartz, Ling, Blowers, Brainbridge (and his stepbrother I think, Frere).

After school I worked in the Customs in Mombasa for a bit over a year and was friendly with Brian Bugden and Bunt Hawes. What happened to them, and Lux Horn who I shared a room at my next stop-- university in South Africa. I graduated with a degree in Architecture and later in city planning. I practiced for about ten years and then worked for the National Building Research unit for about four years before becoming a lecturer at Natal University in Durban. After about four years, I moved to the States, and completed an M.Sc and Ph.D at Columbia University. For the next twenty years I was a professor of architecture at Georgia Institute of Technology before retiring in 1993. I was also assistant Dean for research and published a fair amount including a pair of books treating staircases.

I've been married for 48 years (to the same woman, an amazing artist), and we have two children and five grandchildren.Have I put you all to sleep?

(Registered - 24th January 2004)

If anyone wishes to contact John, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details