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   Nashon Tado


Nashon Ochieng' Tado

House: Baringo (Hawke)
Years: 1993-1996
Memories of School:
  • The glorious loaf matches and especially the day the 4th formers lost a competitive game of rugby and refused to surrender their share of four o'clock bread.
  • I also cherish the Birthday community showers that had to be banned when somebody who was celebrating their birthday was hospitalised after a bucketful of water sprinkled with hard firestones and pebbles was splashed on him.
  • Many other memories are also treasured and worthy of adapting to a film.

    Career pursuit since leaving School: I pursued a career in language instruction for 1 years.
    I am now in Disaster Management with Red Cross

    Residence: Nairobi

    Nashon Tado

    (Registered 16th July 2005)

  • If anyone wishes to contact Nashon, please Click Here to e-mail him