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   Nick Stephen


William Nicholas Stephen

Nickname: Nick
House: Rhodes
Year: 1946-1951
My family moved to Kenya after the end of WW II. I had a month to acclimatise to sub-tropical Kisumu before being whisked away to POW in the second term of the year. To say that it was a period of adjustment would be an understatement. I was called 'Pongo' and was thoroughly miserable for weeks until I adjusted to the completely new way of life.

The following five years I rate as one of the most enjoyable periods of my life. Although academically my time at the School could not be rated as a raving success, I developed a liking and aptitude for all sports and managed to represent the School first teams in hockey, rugby and my first love, cricket.

Foremost in my memories of those years was the enormous respect I developed for our Headmaster, P. Fletcher, a respect that grew in later years when I learnt of the generous assistance he gave to promising school leavers. I have a vivid memory of walking down from Rhodes to the classrooms on crisp clear mornings and seeing the peaks of Mount Kenya almost close enough it seemed to reach out and touch, of Cock House dinners, the final Assembly of the term, the train journeys to and from Kisumu and later, Kitale. Memories of House dances and in the final year the Prefects' dance at "The Boma". By no means least the multitude of friends that I made over the six years - friendships that carried over into adult life.

I married in Kenya, to then Dorothy Marsh, sister of one of Kenya's best known all-round sportsman, Jimmy Marsh. My two sons, Mark and Keith were born in Nairobi. We moved briefly to UK in 1970 and two years later sailed for Australia where we have lived ever since. Both of my sons turned out to be very good hockey players representing their State (Victoria) at senior and Colts level. The youngest, Keith was a member of the train-on squad for the national team and represented Australia on three occasions.

(Registered - 5th December 2003)

If anyone wishes to contact Nick, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details