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   Ron Standfield


Ronald Standfield

Nickname: Ron / Ronnie
House: Nicholson
Year: 1944-1948

Memories of School:
Well - so many, I always enjoyed boarding school. It is a bit sad we tended to drift away from our primary school friends. Best memories are getting back on the trains, 200 mile trip to home, for the holidays. The reverse of when we arrived for another term - the train stopped on the line right outside (all my schools) and we got off and carted our cases up to the 'dorm' - not forgetting the help of african porters and staff. Loved all sports - stopped learning Latin after a year.
Nevertheless, the Prince of Wales was a great school and start in life, and gave me a good School Cert..

Since leaving School:
Most of my early life, and further later periods we were at Uplands. My father was made to stay and work there for the war effort. By 1948 he had left to start a "bacon and canning factory" in Eldoret, my birth place, and where my father came to live with his Uncle, from London in 1924 when he was only 14. I started my work with him there.

Then we moved to Tanganyika, near Iringa, to start another Canning meat factory. When that did not prosper we went back to the large Uplands bacon factory, where I really learned more of my trade. Howeve,r though I had missed out on the "birthday" military service 'draws', I then volunteered for the Kenya Regiment training at Nakuru (my brother John had long since got that 'call' and did his training in Southern Rhodesia). I was rather older than most of the other trainees at that time, that was useful. Of course the Mau Mau problem was decreasing by now.

Most memorable in the Regiment was a tour we did round the country 'showing the Flag' - come to remember - in the tour shows we always put on at each Town, I was stuck in the front to 'lead' some sort of exercise we did in the show. Eased out of the Regiment (apart from weekend and yearly 2 week camps) by transferring to 'work' as a "field intelligence officer" up in Nanyuki, - 1956-58. This caused me to meet my wife there, married and worked as a butcher in Nanyuki and Nyeri, before resuming more certain employment back at the Uplands bacon Factory once more.

By 1962, with 2 young children, although convinced I could have been a part of the new Kenya, and the races co-operating in government, we were realistic enough to know there would not be future employment, much less prospects for our children, we left Kenya for London. Stayed and worked in London there for 2 years, before emigrating by ship now with 4 young children to New Zealand - here in 1964 - 40 years ago - wow!!

So we had 2 Kenyan children, 2 British children and one New Zealand girl - three older boys and two younger girls, and now I have five grand children as well.

Continued to work in the meat trade here in N.Z. New Zealand is a quite fantastic country, we have found. The right move we did make. Did have a heart attack aged about 54, otherwise keep in good health, put this down to being born in Kenya - as can remember us as kids, used to say - "Kenya born, Kenya bred - strong in the arm, weak in the head!"

Retired now, I spend the 'winters' at home mainly working on things on the computer - have always owned a computer from the beginning since the earliest machines. Then leave to spend summers camping in my campervan, for as much as 6 months, exploring in the forests.

(Registered 15th Sept 2004)

If anyone wishes to contact Ron, please e-mail webmaster@oldcambrians.com to obtain his contact details